UsefulContact Number for Amazon UK

Contact Number for Amazon UK

Amazon UK, a subsidiary of the global e-commerce giant, offers a vast range of products and services to its extensive clientele.  With such a diverse offering, it’s paramount to have an efficient customer support system. For immediate assistance, you can reach out to the contact number for Amazon UK to solve different issues you might have. This article provides an in-depth look into the various avenues through which you can connect with Amazon UK for any queries or concerns.

Contact Number for Amazon UK: Key Details

Whether you’re using the contact number for Amazon UK or other communication channels, Amazon UK’s commitment to customer service ensures your concerns are addressed.

Amazon UK Contact Number – 0800 496 1081

For general inquiries related to purchases made on the Amazon UK website or the Kindle store, this is the primary contact number for Amazon UK.

Whether it’s about orders, refunds, missing items, or seller disputes, this number ensures you’re connected to the right team.

Amazon Kindle e-reader Support – +44 203 356 6212 (UK) and +44 207 084 7911 (Outside of the UK)

For all Amazon Kindle e-reader related queries or concerns, these are the dedicated numbers. They can assist with accidental purchases, refunds (within 14 days of downloading), and general device inquiries.

Diverse Issues

General Customer Services

Amazon UK’s customer service is designed to handle a broad spectrum of queries. From tracking orders, scheduling specific delivery dates, discussing Amazon Prime membership, to addressing technical difficulties like broken download links on Amazon Music or login issues, they’ve got you covered.

Order Issues and Returns

If your Amazon order hasn’t arrived on time, there’s a problem with the item received, or you need to arrange a return or refund, the Amazon UK contact number 0800 279 7234 is your go-to. If your order has issues, it’s crucial to contact the Amazon UK support center promptly via email or phone.

For products sold directly by Amazon UK covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, you might be directed to get the products repaired by an authorized third-party service.

Other Communication Channels

Online Presence

Amazon UK’s official website is, where you can find a dedicated help center to address common queries.

Physical Address

For those who prefer traditional communication, you can write to: Amazon Digital UK Limited, 1 Principal Place, Worship St., London, England EC2A 2FA, United Kingdom.

Social Media and Other Platforms

Amazon UK is also active on social media. You can reach out via their official UK Facebook page or their Twitter ‘help’ account. Additionally, for investor relations, you can write to: Amazon Investor Relations, P.O. Box 81226, Seattle, WA 98108-1226, United States.

Feedback from Customers

While many customers have had positive experiences with Amazon UK’s customer service, some have faced challenges.

Issues range from receiving wrong-sized items, unclear return instructions, to difficulties in contacting Amazon support directly from certain locations. It’s always recommended to double-check products and use the Amazon UK contact number for immediate assistance.


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