UsefulHow to contact Student Finance

How to contact Student Finance

Student Finance England and its counterparts in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland play a crucial role in supporting students throughout their academic journey. Whether you’re seeking information on loans, grants, or repayment schedules, knowing how to contact Student Finance is essential. Always ensure you have the correct and updated Student Finance contact details to address your specific needs, and remember to obtain the necessary consents if discussing another person’s financial details.

You can contact Student Finance for the following:

Student Finance England plays a pivotal role in ensuring that students across the UK can afford their higher education. Whether you’re a new applicant, an existing student, or a graduate, knowing how to contact Student Finance can be crucial. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the various ways to get in touch with Student Finance.

1. General Enquiries:

For all general concerns regarding loans, maintenance grants, or changes to personal details, the primary Student Finance contact number is 0300 100 0607. If you’re reaching out from outside the UK, the contact Student Finance international line is +44 300 100 0607. This number can assist with loan applications, reporting missing payments, or calculating remaining student debt.

2. Specific Queries:

Contact Student Finance England if you need help with:

  • Checking the progress of your application
  • Resetting your login details
  • Updating your personal or course details
  • Making a complaint or an appeal

If you’re looking to discuss your child’s or partner’s student finance application, it’s essential to obtain their consent before calling Student Finance England. For those going through the clearing process and needing to update course details, it’s recommended to make these changes via your online account for a quicker response.

3. Student Awards Agency Scotland:

Scottish students can reach out to the Student Awards Agency Scotland (also known as Student Finance Scotland) at 0300 555 0505. This line provides information on studying in Scotland, which offers free university education for its residents. For international calls, the Student Finance contact number is +44 300 555 0505.

4. Student Finance NI:

For students in Northern Ireland, the dedicated line is 0300 100 0077. This number can assist with tracking maintenance allowance applications and inquiries about debt levels. International callers can use the Student Finance contact number +44 300 100 0077.

5. Student Finance Wales:

Welsh students have a dedicated line at 0300 200 4050. This number can assist with maintenance loan applications and tuition fee inquiries. For those outside the UK, the Student Finance contact number is +44 300 200 4050.

6. International Helpline:

International students or those residing outside the UK can contact Student Finance on +44 141 243 3570. This line provides information on fees for overseas students and guidance on repaying any outstanding debts from abroad.


More information can be found on their website.


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