UsefulEvri Contact Number

Evri Contact Number

Evri stands as a premier parcel delivery service in the UK, catering to both personal and business shipping needs. If you have any questions or need guidance, the Evri contact number will help you get in contact will their contact center. With their commitment to customer service, reaching out using the contact number for Evri ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience.

If you don’t have the Evri Contact Number but need assistance

Evri stands out as a reliable and efficient parcel delivery service with diverse options tailored to individual requirements. Whether dispatching a small item or a larger package, Evri’s guidelines ensure safe and timely delivery. Always package securely and adhere to the size and weight guidelines for a seamless delivery experience. If in doubt, the Evri contact number is what you need.

Evri, a top-tier parcel delivery service, offers an array of user-friendly methods to dispatch parcels both domestically and internationally:

Dispatching Methods that don’t require the Evri Contact Number

  1. ParcelShop Drop-off: Evri’s local ParcelShops serve as a modern alternative to conventional post offices. If you’re uncertain about any step, call 0330 808 5456 to get guidance. You can book online, utilize the Evri app, or simply walk in with your parcel. If you’re without a printer, their Print In ParcelShop devices can help you print labels.
  2. Locker Drop-off: With an expansive network of over 1,500 lockers throughout the UK, available 24/7 and under CCTV surveillance, you can conveniently drop off your parcel anytime. If you have questions about locker sizes, the contact number for Evri is always available.
  3. Courier Collection: Choose the door-to-door courier service, where you can pre-schedule a collection up to a week in advance. If you’re unsure about the collection process, the Evri contact number can provide clarity.

Sending Your Parcel with Evri Online

Dispatching parcels with Evri is a breeze:

  1. Basic Details: Input the destination, origin, and weight of the parcel. If you’re unsure about the weight, the Evri call center can assist.
  2. Select Delivery Service: Opt between Next Day delivery or Standard delivery. If you’re unsure about which to choose, the contact number for Evri can guide you.
  3. Parcel Details: Describe your parcel’s contents and its value. Evri provides a £20 cover for free, but this can be increased if required. A signature upon delivery can also be requested.
  4. Recipient Information: Fill in the recipient’s address and email. Specify a safe delivery spot and provide your details. If you’re unsure about any detail, the “Evri call center” is there to help.
  5. Payment and Label Printing: Post payment, print your label. If you don’t own a printer, the Print In ParcelShop device at an Evri ParcelShop can be used. For payment queries, Evri’s call center is available.

Evri’s Parcel Restrictions

Evri accommodates a vast array of items, but there are specific guidelines:

  • Excluded from Compensation: Some items can be dispatched but won’t be compensated if damaged.
  • Prohibited Items: Evri has a list of forbidden items.

Guidelines on Size and Weight

Evri has established size and weight guidelines for efficient delivery:

  • Size Limits: If the total size is under certain limits, it’s acceptable.
  • Weight Limit: Evri parcels have a weight limit. As prices are weight-based, it’s essential to be accurate to avoid extra charges.

For additional support visit their Support Page here.


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