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Virgin Media Contact

With a range of services and solutions on offer, having the right Virgin Media contact details at your fingertips ensures a smooth experience. Whether you’re looking to address a service concern, inquire about a new package, or simply need assistance, it’s never been easier to contact Virgin Media and get the support you need.

Why customers contact Virgin Media:

Navigating the diverse offerings and services of Virgin Media often requires customers to have the right Virgin Media contact details. Many customers find themselves reaching out to understand or dispute bill charges, while others may face service disruptions or quality issues that need immediate attention. As lifestyles and preferences change, some might want to modify their service packages or move their services to a new location.

Feedback, both commendations and grievances, is another reason why individuals might want to contact Virgin Media. Ensuring one has the correct contact information is crucial. It not only streamlines the process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy but also enhances the overall experience with Virgin Media, leading to heightened customer satisfaction

Bill Payment Simplified:

Virgin Media has streamlined the bill payment process for your convenience.

  • Primary Method: Direct debit remains the most popular and hassle-free method.
  • Alternative Methods contact Virgin Media:
    • Accessing your My Virgin Media account.
    • Online payments, even without a My Virgin Media account.
    • Utilizing the Virgin Media app.
    • Dialing 0800 064 3777.
    • Visiting a local PayPoint or Post Office.
    • Direct bank transfers (Details: Sort code – 20-13-42, Account number – 23494314; Ensure you use your 14-digit payment reference number).
  • Need Assistance?: Reach out to Virgin Media at 0345 454 1111 or engage with the live chat feature on their website.

Facing Payment Difficulties? Contact Virgin Media:

  • Immediate Action: If you’re finding it challenging to settle your bills, promptly inform Virgin Media. They’re keen on assisting with solutions like payment plans, extensions, or temporary service reductions.
  • Consequences of Missed Payments: Late payments might attract a fee of £7.50. Additionally, services like broadband speed or TV channels might be limited until dues are cleared.

Broadband Speed Concerns:

  • Speed Test: Use the Virgin Media speed test tool to gauge your broadband’s performance.
  • Hub 3 & Hub 4 Users: These hubs employ Intelligent WiFi, which auto-detects and rectifies speed issues. If a manual repair is required, an engineer will address it without extra charges.

Reporting Speed Anomalies:

If your broadband speed doesn’t match the promised rate, contact Virgin Media at 0345 454 1111. They guarantee at least 50% of the advertised speed. If this isn’t met for three consecutive days, or if the issue persists for 30 days, you’re entitled to terminate your contract without exit fees.

WiFi Boosters:

Enhance connectivity in WiFi dead zones using boosters. The Virgin Media Connect app can identify such areas, guiding you to order the necessary boosters.

Connectivity Troubles:

  • Multiple Devices: Check for area-specific faults via your My Virgin Media account. If issues persist, consider restarting or resetting your router.
  • Single Device: The problem might be device-specific. Ensure WiFi is enabled and try toggling it or reconnecting.


  • Contact Virgin Media about your move to facilitate service disconnection and re-setup. A £20 movers fee applies. Not all locations support Virgin Media, so check compatibility before moving.

Voicing Concerns:

    • If you’re dissatisfied with Virgin Media’s services, you can lodge a complaint via:
      • Phone: 0345 454 1111
      • Live chat
      • Online portal
      • Post to: Virgin Media, Sunderland, SR43 4AA

Cancellation Procedures:

    • Use your My Virgin Media account to modify or cancel services. If switching providers, inform Virgin Media 30 days in advance by calling 0345 454 1111. Early termination might incur fees.

Additional Queries?: For any other concerns, reach out to Virgin Media Contact at 0345 454 1111. They’re there to assist!

Note: The contact methods for Virgin Media and details provided above are based the information that was available when the article was written. It’s advisable to visit the official Virgin Media website for the most up-to-date contact details. Their official website is found


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