UsefulContact number for EDF Energy

Contact number for EDF Energy

EDF Energy’s Help Centre provides support and information on various topics for its customers. Here are some of the main points and topics mentioned on their help page:

  1. Price Cap Update: Ofgem has announced that from 1 October, the energy price cap will drop to £1,923 a year for a typical household. EDF Energy will automatically apply these new prices, and they will inform their customers about what this change means for them.
  2. Payment Difficulties: EDF Energy offers assistance to those having trouble paying their energy bills.
  3. Troubleshoot: They provide a section for customers who have problems that need fixing.
  4. Help Topics: EDF Energy has a section where customers can choose a topic related to their questions to find answers.

Contact EDF Energy for:

There are multiple reasons for a customer to try and contact EDF Energy. Below you can see the contact methods

  1. Give a Meter Reading:

    • Through the EDF Energy app. A convenient mobile application where customers can input their readings.
    • Through your online account. Customers can log in to their EDF Energy account on the website to submit readings.
    • By calling: 0333 200 5108.
    • Have your smart meter send the reading automatically. These meters automatically send readings to the energy provider, eliminating the need for manual submissions.
    • Regular meter readings ensure that customers are billed accurately for the energy they use, rather than being charged based on estimates.
  2. EDF Energy Smart Meter Phone Number:

    • For issues with your EDF smart meter, call: 0333 008 7000.
    • You can also use their EDF Energy live chat on the website.
    • Smart meters can sometimes face technical issues, or customers might have questions about their functionality.
  3. Get a New Top-up Key/Card Phone Number:

    • For urgent requests, call EDF on: 0333 200 5110. A direct line to request urgent replacements.
    • Use the EDF Energy live chat service. An alternative online method to request a new key/card.
    • Prepayment meters require a key or card to top-up. If lost or damaged, a replacement is necessary to continue using energy.
  4. Paying Bills and Topping Up:

    • Pay by debit or credit card through MyAccount or call: 0333 200 5108. Customers can make direct debit or credit card payments.
    • Online banking details: Sort code 40-05-30 and account number 13845095 (use your EDF Energy account number as the reference). An option for those who prefer to pay via their bank’s online services.
    • For prepayment meter top-ups, visit a shop offering Payzone or PayPoint or your local Post Office.
    • Ensuring timely payments is crucial to avoid service interruptions or additional charges.
  5. Moving into a New House:

    • New customers can call: 0333 009 7155. New customers or those who prefer voice communication can call EDF directly.
    • Existing customers can use MyAccount or the EDF live chat. Existing customers can inform EDF about their move online.
    • When relocating, customers need to inform their energy provider to close the account for the old address and possibly set up a new one for the new address.
  6. Report a Power Cut or Gas Leak:

    • For power cuts, call the Distribution Network Operators on: 105.
    • For suspected gas leaks, call the National Gas Emergency Helpline on: 0800 111 999. For reporting suspected gas leaks.
    • Safety is paramount. Immediate reporting of power cuts or suspected gas leaks ensures timely resolution and prevents potential hazards.
  7. EDF Energy Login:

    • Download the EDF app.
    • The app offers convenience in managing one’s account, submitting meter readings, and accessing other services.
  8. Make a Complaint:

    • Call: 0333 200 5101.
    • Email: [email protected].
    • Text: 07481341928.
    • WhatsApp: 07480802942.
    • Use the EDF live chat.
  9. EDF Energy Warm Home Discount:

    • Call: 0333 009 7010.
    • Apply for the Warm Home Discount. Customers can apply online or over the phone to see if they qualify for the discount.
    • This government-led scheme assists low-income families and vulnerable individuals with their winter energy bills.
  10. General Contact Methods for EDF Energy:

Note: The contact methods for EDF Energy and details provided above are based on current information. It’s advisable to visit the official EDF Energy website for the most up-to-date contact details.


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