UsefulBritish Gas Contact Number, Live Chat, Email

British Gas Contact Number, Live Chat, Email

The main British Gas contact methods are:

Phone Number British Gas:

  • Give a Meter Reading: British Gas offers multiple methods for meter reading submission, including online portals, phone numbers, and even WhatsApp. The main customer service number for this is 0333 202 9802.
  • Smart Meter Issues: If your British Gas smart meter isn’t working, you can contact their live chat service or call 0333 202 9816.
  • Top Up Key/Card: If you lose your gas card or electricity key, you can get replacements. For electricity keys, you need to call British Gas for a reference number. For gas cards, you can simply get a new one from a Payzone shop. The contact number for these services is 0333 202 9802.
  • Discussing Bills: You can discuss your bills, view them, and make changes both online and via phone. The contact number for billing inquiries is 0333 202 9816.
  • Moving Houses: If you’re relocating, you need to provide meter readings for both your old and new properties. The contact number for this service is 0333 202 9816.
  • Switching Provider or Tariff: If you wish to switch to a different tariff or to British Gas, you can do so online or over the phone. The contact number for this is 0333 202 9802.
  • Reporting a Power Cut: British Gas isn’t responsible for power cuts; you need to contact your distribution network operator (DNO) for this.
  • Warm Home Discount: This is a discount offered between September and March to help low-income families with their energy bills. You can apply for this discount online.

Other Queries: For any other concerns or questions not listed, you can contact British Gas at 0333 202 9802.

Email British Gas:

British Gas, one of the UK’s leading energy and home services providers, offers a dedicated email address for customer inquiries and support. Customers and individuals who wish to get in touch with British Gas for any service-related queries, feedback, or concerns can reach out to them at [email protected].

Website British Gas:

British Gas WhatsApp

British Gas, a prominent energy and home services provider in the UK, has embraced modern communication methods by offering support through WhatsApp. Customers seeking assistance, wishing to provide feedback, or having general inquiries can now connect with British Gas directly via their WhatsApp service. To contact them via this method click here

British Gas app

British Gas, a leading energy and home services provider in the UK, has further enhanced its customer experience by introducing the British Gas app. This digital platform allows customers to manage their accounts, monitor energy usage, pay bills, and access a range of services right at their fingertips. The app is available on your mobile and you can download it here.

British Gas Customer Service

British Gas, the UK’s foremost energy and home services provider, prioritizes customer communication and support. For those who prefer a direct conversation, the main customer service number is 0333 202 9802.

Note: Our team doesn’t not take responsibility if these contact methods change over time.


  1. I am absolutely disgusted at the treatment I’ve had
    I’m reporting yiu to the ombudsman
    As I can’t get anywhere with you twice you have not come to my property to sort my meter out
    Yiu are stressing me out with worry
    I can’t get anywhere

  2. I am a 88 year man and i have no hot water olso I have tryed over the last 2 weakes to get it sorted please get a enginer out as soon as you can

  3. I wish to close my Boiler service contract as I have left 95 Gordon drive l14 7px and moved to a new residence. My Direct debit has been cancelled.
    Thanking you
    Brian Jones

  4. I am very disappointed that I am not getting response from British Gas despite relating to a vunerable pensioner. It would appear that there is better response from private contractors
    Despite following the system in notifying British Gas of the problem and agreeing a time slot no one turned up with no explanation at all.
    British Gas need to look at their marketing as it is not what is presented to be
    I am now given a time slot for Saturday but my experience does not give me any confidence. I now regret getting British Gas to upgrade my system

  5. I did telephone the engineer who fitted the new boiler on Wednesday and Thursday but no response.
    How do you get through to British Gas !!


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